It Said Flight 3411 To Louisville, Kentucky, Was Oversold By One Ticket, But A Volunteer Gave Up His Seat.

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In the past year, however, the airline has flown more on-time flights and lost fewer bags. It recently rolled out plans for expanding service this summer. Instead of being commended for those signs of progress, however, it has faced more than two weeks of withering criticism and mockery. David Dao, the passenger injured when he was yanked from his seat, is almost certain to file a lawsuit. Munoz apologized again and faulted his own initial response, in which he defended airline employees and called Dao belligerent. That first response was insensitive beyond belief, Munoz said. It did not represent how I felt, saying that he got caught up in facts and circumstances that werent initially clear, instead of expressing his shock. On Thursday, Thomas Demetrio, Daos attorney, said in a statement that the policy changes are passenger friendly and are simple, commonsense decisions on Uniteds part to help minimize the stress involved in the flying experience. In Thursdays report, United provided new details about the incident. It said Flight 3411 to Louisville, Kentucky, was oversold by one ticket, but a volunteer gave up his seat. After passengers boarded, four crew members of Republic Airline, which operates many United Express flights, showed up late after their Louisville-bound plane was delayed by a mechanical problem.

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