After A Fun-filled Day, You Return To Vegas Around 9 At Night, So If Canyon Warm Up A Bit.

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Dallas, meanwhile, is the league's lone unbeaten team, sitting second in the Western Conference standings at 4-0-2 after a 1-0 win over Sporting Kansas City last weekend. ''Being respected in the league is not easy. Surely, next game people will talk about us being the only unbeaten team in the league, but we do not put those facts in our heads. We just keep moving forward,'' Dallas coach Oscar Pareja said. BEST OF THE REST: Chicago Fire at New York Red Bulls, Saturday. Midfielder Dax McCarty returns to Red Bull Arena for the first time since his sudden trade in the offseason. Speaking to reporters after the trade, McCarty was stunned - and didn't mince words. ''There's no player that's bigger than any club and that's something that I understand full well,'' he said at the time. ''But I do think if you're a club that preaches family and you're a club that preaches doing things the right way and trying to treat players the right way, then I don't think you go and trade a guy who you say you relied on a lot and that is your captain behind his back without at least telling him that, 'Hey, these are some possibilities, unfortunately we have to move you.' I thought that I at least earned that.'' PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Toronto FC's Sebastian Giovinco wins this week's honors after a pair of goals in the Reds' 3-1 win at home over the Chicago Fire last Friday night.

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